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QuakeED 3.2

QuakeED 3.2

A Quake Map Editor

QuakeED 3.2 is a somewhat arbitrarily-numbered member of the family of Quake level editors that inherit from id software's original in-house tool. I took over a dead branch that I actually liked using despite its bugginess and missing functionality, and began fixing said things to have access to a customizable editor I could add new features to as soon as I needed them.

Currently, only Windows builds are available, and only Quake is supported.

August 21, 2021: The latest version is 3.2.54. See the revision history for what's new in this build.

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Additions and Fixes

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Authorship Notes

Some amount of work was done in ~2007 by Basil 'eerie' Nikityuk on the source for QuakeEd 4 (id's Quake2 level editor that evolved from QE2 (their Quake level editor)) turning it into QuakeEd 3.1. I presume this is when the back-port from Quake2 support to Quake support took place. In 2008 a func_msgboard poster named 'sikkpin' took it up, folding in code borrowed from QERadiant and from M. 'Incubus' Milley's QuakeEd 5. I began rewriting it in C++ and modernizing it in 2018, tastefully incrementing the version number to QuakeEd 3.2.